A Memorial to Ann on God and Comfort


Ann not only nursed 40 years with great care for the comfort of others; was lauded by Debbie of Hospice during the last 10 months on earth for expressing care for the caregivers; but in some readings of the thousands of pages she marked up for the hundreds of books she read and owned, this choice tidbit of many of her statements of faith and practice: “PRAYING GOD’S COMFORT FOR OTHERS”. Since she signed a completion symbol only known to nurses and a Director of Nurses, and with a date, the book written by Sproul was read and noted by Ann in 2001, the same period of years she beat breast cancer with radiation. {The radiation caused her a interstatial lung disease, to be on O2 for many years, and contributed eventually during the 10 months of Hospice to the “healing from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes, including the psychological outlook on life and the aging process” as the angels carried her to Abraham’s bosom in heaven.
This book from which the quote was taken illustrates some of her faith and some of how she devoured both her Bible and books about the Bible. It is chosen not as the primary source of a memorial by her book and Bible notes, but to highlight one of the most outstanding characteristics of her life, to pray for God’s comfort for others. Ann, especially as we married during service in Naval Aviation thought I was bigger than life as showing little or no fear at dangerous flights at low altitude over the Ocean {and I will talk about that more later}, but Ann quietly, personally between Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and with her awesome respect for God, Our heavenly Father, was much bigger than life! She could not stand to hear God’s name taken in vain even on TV, so her notes in Sproul’s “Holiness of God” is chosen as the number 1 Memorial to Ann by her book notes and markings.
1. For example in the first blank page of the Holiness of God, there are 4 notes for further Bible study for the future, her habit of life until she could not longer see to read or hold up a Bible in the 10 months of Hospice. {Remember this was written in 2001 while we were at Tucson.}
“Card on ‘Pharisees’ pg 85
Card on ‘whited sepulchers’ pg 87
Card on ‘Sadducees’ pg 89
Card on ‘glory’ pg 186″
2. The first chapter and first 29 pages did not seem to impress her until she underlined the statement, “When the word Lord occurs in lower case letters, the translator is indicating to us that the word Adonai is found in the Hebrew Bible.”
3. After reading Exodus 33:19-23 how God explained to Moses that no man could live who saw the face of God, Ann made a check mark on the paragraph sentence about how Moses came so close to God as to reflect some of His glory; and then underline” “Yet the final goal of every Christian is to be allowed to see what was denied to Moses. We want to see Him face to face.”
Note: Ann, now a little less than 2 months since the passing away of August 24, 2016 first seeing Abraham as she was at his side and then seeing Jesus at the banquet she anticipated a few days before passing, once again in comfort and concern for us that she would be okay “because she was going to a banquet with Jesus”. Now, she has had her banquet and meeting with friends and family, also Dr. R. G. Lee, her pastor that performed our wedding ceremony, so like in Malachi 4:2 she is leaping with ageless joy and painless comfort like a young calf newborn out of the stall as Jesus like the sun spreads His wings with healing rays. We miss her everyday; but with even more of the comfort that she intended for us; and being aware that while we can not experience here on earth “what eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love him”, with more comfort we realize that now she knows or is beginning to feel and know even as “we are known”. And we celebrate for her that sh “ran a good race and fought a good Christian life” of praying and living for the comfort of others.
4. In August of 2001, it could have been before, after, or duing the Radiation that she began to get into the book, a few pages later underlining and putting a star next to the sentence: “Here with the double use of the truly {of Jesus} that what He was about to say was of crucial importance.” We must add that Sproul was leading the reader to get into the “Holy, holy, holy” triple usage of Isaiah 6:3–
“And one cried to another, and said, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the earth is full of His glory.”
…and Ann underlined what she recognized or knew to be so, that to mention something 3 times in the Bible was of triple importance.
5. Ann circled the word “woe” as in Isaiah 6:5 quoted also; and then circled “oracles” and underlined “were announcements from God that could be good news, or bad news”; subsequently underlined “To be undone {like Isaiah with seeing some of the Holiness of God} means to come apart at the seams, to be unraveled”; checked the phrase “caught one sudden glimpse of the Holy God” {remember that is the subject of the book Ann was reading, and she knew she was getting into the heart of it}; and to complete the thought patterns she noticed underlined, “In that single moment, all of his {Isaiah} self-esteem was shattered”.
6. “The holy God is also a God of grace.” Ann was beginning to get herself a Bible teaching outline that she could use in teaching as Sunday School class.
7. Isaiah was in mourning for his sin, “He went beyond cheap grace , and the easy utterance of I am sorry.” was underlined.
8. Also “From brokenness to mission is the pattern of man”; and “as any fallen egg…God put him together again”; and in preparation to study for a teaching outline that “God redeems the self”, Ann underlined and marked the number 2 with a circle” “The second important thing we can learn from this event is that God’s work of grace on Isaiah’s soul did not annihilate his personal identity.”
NOTE: Surely you like myself did not realize how deeply Ann thought bout God and her personal relationship, because except when teaching a class she was so quite about it, sometimes it uncontrollable burst out when she heard the name of God taken in vain.
8. Ann stared the last paragraph on the second chapter entitled “Holy, Holy, Holy”:

“It is dangerous to assume that because a person is drawn to holiness in his study that he is thereby a holy man. There is irony here. I am sure the reason that I have a deep hunger to learn of the holiness of God is precisely because I am not holy. I am a profane man, a man who spends more time outside of the temple than in it. But I have had just enough of a taste of the majesty of God to want more. I know what it means to be a forgiven man and what it means to be sent on a mission. My soul cries for more. My soul needs more.”

NOTE:  It must be stated as a memorial to Ann that three of her greatest convictions were:  (1) Respect for God, our Heavenly Father and for His Holiness; (2) Comfort to others; and (3) Praying for God’s Comfort for others.


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