Indian and Scot Irish American Heritage

In pictures with a brief and additional references, try a survey of Indian and Scot Irish American Heritage on Jerry Admin’s Pinterest.  Many, many more, in fact over one hundred similar to the one here.for cover_002

“The backwoodsmen were American by birth and parentage, and of mixed race, but the dominate strain in their blood was that of the Presbyterian-Irish, the Scots-Irish as they were often called. Mingled with the descendants of many other races, they nevertheless formed the kernel of the distinctively and intensely American stock who were pioneers of our people in their march westward…” President Theodore Roosevelt (pic by David Wright, artist)


George Washington At Valley Forge

“If all else fails, I will retreat up the valley of Virginia, plantgeorge washington about scot irish my flag on the Blue Ridge, rally around the Scotch-Irish of that region and make my last stand for liberty amongst a people who will never submit to British tyranny whilst there is a man left to draw a trigger.” – George Washington at Valley Forge

HAGERTY, REBECCA MCINTOSH (1815–1877?). Rebecca Hagerty, planter, was born in the Creek Nation in Georgia in 1815, the daughter of William McIntosh, the half-Scottish chief of the Lower Creeks, and his second wife, Susannah Coe, a full-blooded Creek. The Richest Woman in Texas.



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