Navy Air AEW 1956AEW Argentia NewfoundlandStriving hard to combine some of the adventures of Jerry and Ann McMichael with a Scot-Irish {really Ulster Scot} heritage.  Perhaps the place to start is Kenna New Mexico and the Atlas Missiles in 1961.

BK for Before Kenna:  Pastor of Walnut Valley Baptist Church Hot Springs and student at Ouachita Baptist College, and 4 years in Naval Aviation, Air Early Warning during the cold war, Argentia Newfoundland.

AK for After Kenna:  From Atlas in the warm NM plains to Minuteman Missiles in the cold Northwest; Physics degree at ENMU then teaching electronics 10 years with subsequent retirements in Flight Test at General Dynamics FW and Raytheon Missile Systems.

How do you combine Bible at Ouachita with Physics at ENMU, that is a longer story; however suffice it to say in this about introduction, that you simply live a life with a low threshhold of boredom, adventurous Scout spirit, and  by grace and guidance just like genes of a Scot-Irish heritage coming from Appin and Galloway in Scotland, to Ulster Ireland, and then pioneer settlers in Americafighting highlander from PA to NC to GA to Cass County East Texas.  Are you ready for the combined ride?


atlas missiletest pilot john signed f16

Guide to Bible American SunGrist3in1

Bible American

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1.  Scot Irish

2.  Christian American

3.  Scot Irish American

By all means read all three in one of Bible American SunGrist3in1, however by

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